About Us


Meet your Sweetnd cake designer, Amanda Jones. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter, and lover of all things creative! She is an entrepreneur through and through and loves to share her passions through teaching. Amanda has spent the majority of her career as a graphic designer with her custom wedding invitation company of 18 years, Glimpz. She has always had a love for cooking and baking and has spent recent years adding to her creative outlets by creating beautiful and delicious cakes.



Meet Monique from Butter Love Sugar! She is a Mother of an awesome little boy and wife to a Calgary fire fighter.

She is obsessed with all things baking and love making people smile with her delicious creations. Monique loves creating buttercream cakes with fresh florals.



Great friends and team mates! Although Sweetnd and Butter Love Sugar are two separate companies, we operate as a team! If you order a cake from either of us, there’s a good chance we’ve both taken part in creating it.

Monique is an amazing baker and the queen of buttercream cakes! Amanda is the fondant and detail person. From complex carved cakes to super personalized details. Amanda and Monique each have their own style and combined together, produce the most amazing cakes!