Can I make more than one Grinch Tree?

We do allow for additional grinch trees if materials are available, and time permits. Additional trees can be purchased on site for $40 each.

Are kids allowed?

Yes. We recommend 10+. If you choose to bring a younger child, it is up to you to help them decorate their tree. We are happy to help your child with the greenery and wire portion, but they should be old enough to perform most of the tasks on their own. Please note, all guests, including children must pay a class fee.

Can I bring a friend who is not making a grinch tree, or can I make one tree with a friend?

Unfortunately, no. We have a limited number of seats per class, so every attendee must pay an individual class fee.

How long is the class?

The class runs for 2 hours, but often runs over if you want to stay longer.